Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shinjuku Gyoen [14/02]

A fellow colleague recommended us to visit Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑), a garden just slightly to the east of Shinjuku station. There is an entrance fee to this garden, which cost 200JPY.

I decided to visit the garden on the 14th Feb, by taking a shuttle bus from my hotel to Shinjuku station and taking a 15mins walk from there. 

The entrance tickets are dispensed out from a vending machine. Entry to garden is also via ticket gates similar to those seen in train stations 

It is still winter season, but spring should be coming soon. A number of trees are bare. 

There is a large open space area in the garden which has very good view of buildings around.

I read online that plum trees will start to blossom at this time. There are a few trees where the flowers are starting to bloom as seen below.

The garden is quite visitor friendly with maps around the place.

At one corner of the garden is a Greenhouse.

The greenhouse is temperature and humidity controlled. Most of the plants grown in the greenhouse are similar to what I would find back in Southeast Asia. I quickly zip through the pathway and back out to the gardens.

There is a circular bench area where visitors can sit and enjoy the flowers.

There are more plum trees in this area.

I approach a zen-like stone bridge and garden.

This area has a number of small lakes where ducks can be seen floating by.

Comparatively, today is much warmer compare to the rest of the days. It is a great day for picnic.

I walked one round around the garden and I'm back to where I came in from.