Saturday, June 13, 2015

Legoland Malaysia [11/06 - 12/06]

On this day we are going to Legoland Malaysia. I have been to the entrance of Legoland a few months back with my BDS friends, but had not stayed at the hotel or went into the theme park itself. This time round, with AJ, we will be staying overnight at the hotel and going to both theme park. We bought two return bus-tickets from WTS Travel online which cost around S$50. And also booked online Legoland Hotel with 2 sets of 2 days combo tickets, coming up to RM1260 (S$500). 

We rendezvous at the Singapore Flyer at 8am, and received the boarding pass to the bus. It departed at 8.30am sharp. As we were there early, we walked around the Singapore Flyer and was captivated by the quiet morning scene of the Singapore river.

The journey is quite fast, taking around 1 hour. But custom clearance is an additional 1 hour at the Singapore end. First thing first is to check into Legoland Hotel. Below is a picture of the reception.

There are lots of lego bricks for people to play with.

After we have done our check-in and deposit our luggage at the concierge, we walked along Medini Mall, which is just besides legoland. We saw artists drawing images of people and it cost RM10 per person. So we decided to have our portrait drawn. It cost RM10 for my single black and white portrait and RM40 for our couple colour portrait.  

Below is the colour couple portrait.

Here is the bird's eye view of legoland.

As we approached the entrance, we were captivated by figures below.

One of the first ride we took is the train ride.

We continue to try out the different rides and went for different lego workshop experiences. Our favorite ride is the laser shooting ride and the car-making workshop is one of the two memorable experience. (seen below)

We made our own car and race with others. Below is a video of the race. We have been winning every round.


It is 4pm, time to bunk into our room. Legoland hotel elevator has different theme music in it.

Our hotel room is the castle-theme room.

It is large and could easily accommodate 5 people.

Here is the castle-theme corridor.

One of the floor has access to the swimming pool.

We went back to Medini Mall for our dinner. And we had Thai food. It is quite affordable after conversion to Singapore dollars. A sumptuous dinner for two is around S$40.

There is a secret safe in our room which have free lego souvenirs. It will ask you the number of snails, the number of shields, the number of dice and so on. If you could not decipher it, the secret number is 3335. You can also ask the reception for help.

Breakfast is provided but it gets real crowded in the morning.

On the second day, we decided to visit the water theme park.

This is one of our favorite attraction in the water park, when the big pail of water come splashing down.

There is also a pseudo-beach wave area.

We also went for the inflatable boat ride below.

In the afternoon, we joined in a tour of the lego miniland with customer experience manager below. It is a 30mins tour where he brought us around the different sites. Below he is explaining to us the different kampong houses. 

Here is our Singapore scene.

Before the end of the day, we went for the technics lab. This is the second of the most fun lego experience in the park. If you would like to sign up for it, be sure to do it after you have arrived at the park to book your time. We have the lab technician explaining to us briefly on the 4 objectives we have to complete in 20mins:
1) Control the robot to perform injection
2) Remove bad cells
3) Cut one of the veins
4) Add in vitamins

We successfully completed all the tasks in 20mins. Below is a video of the first task - injection.