Sunday, March 27, 2016

OH Open House Potong Pasir [26/03]

It is the OH! Open House time of the year again. They seems to have it every year now compared to every two years when it first started. This time round it is at Potong Pasir. We booked the ticket online and it cost around S$27 per person (including the $2 booking fee). The rendezvous point is at Potong Pasir community center and our tour depart at 2.30pm.

At the community center is a map showing the different places we will be visiting. 

Directly at the community center is where NTUC Fairprice and POSB is located. It is said prior to 2011, before PAP won the constituency from Chiam See Tong, there were no NTUC Fairprice supermarket and no POSB branches here.

There is also the one and only one bus service 142 that ply along the entire estate.

The first stop of the day is St Andrew Village, where we made our way to the bridge that connects the St Andrew Junior School with the Junior College across the Kallang River. It is called the Jacob Ballas Bridge.

In the middle of the bridge is an exhibit that show case artistic kinetics - shifting sands pattern with wind blowing and shifting sand pattern with the flow of water. From the bridge, there is a good view of Potong Pasir estate. It is a nice breezy day.

Next, we proceed to one of the housing board flat at the second floor where the artist showcase the use of construction sheet and colors in a house. Typically when we see these colors, it means off-limits as the area is under construction. But the artist try to blend it with the house which has a inviting feeling to visitors. On the walls are two pictures of the artist with residents who accepted the makeover.

Below is a letter of gratitude written by one of the resident who received a makeover.

On the way to the next stop, we came upon poster of the 'Meet the people session'.

The next stop is visiting a Penthouse in Potong Pasir.

After the penthouse visit, we came upon two stone lions which lead to one of the coffeeshop street in Potong Pasir. Initially the PAP planned to remove the stone lions after they came in, but the residents petitioned against it. So it was 'upgraded' with metal fences around.

In the next two pictures, it showcase the Chinese characters "来玩", which depicts the games children play at the void decks.

The second last stop of the day is a visit to one of the black-white bungalow of Woodleigh. It has a treetop house.

The final stop is Bidadari. The cemetery in this area has been cleared, to make way for residential estates. 

In the distance we see the Mount Vernon pagoda, those too will make way for development.