Saturday, March 22, 2014

Johore Property Hunting [22/02 & 22/03]

On the 22 Feb, together with KK, ST and DL, we visited to Johore, with the purpose of understanding the property launches there. As it is our first time visiting to Johore by car, we were not able to visit the showflats in time due to a few detours here and there. As such, on the 22 Mar, a re-visit attempt was made. In this post, it consists of both the 22 Feb and 22 Mar visit.

In our first visit, we missed the exit towards Bukit Indah and we just continue up the expressway towards Johor Premium Outlets. There are many pricy goods on sale here which did not attract our attention. We proceed directly for lunch (Japanese restaurant)

 (As I did not capture any photo of Johor Premium outlets, I reference it to for the image above)

Thereafter we start our first property visit to the showflats around EduCity. There is this new property launch called the Botanic.

All the landed houses have been sold. The units available now are the condominiums.

Nevertheless, we still make a visit to all the houses to take a look at their design.

It has very good view of the lake in the district.

Here are the houses available for visit. They are all unlock and fully furnished. Visitors can freely enter and take a look at them.

Here is the living room with the dining area and kitchen behind.

A walk in wardrobe.

Walking up the stairs with pictures by the side.

A full-fledge study room.

The view from the second floor.

Another study area.

Visit to the next house living room.

At the balcony afternoon tea area.

The kitchen and dining area.

We proceed to the next property site - Horizon hills. There is a very good golf course there.

The view of the other course in Horizon Hills.

After property visits, we went to Lego Land which is round the area.

There is a beautiful Lego Land hotel.

The entrance leading to Lego Land hotel.

We arrived at the restaurant area where there are large lego bricks.

And a swimming pool display made up of legos.

Here is the hotel lobby area.

After Lego Land, we went off to Puteri Harbour. In Puteri Harbour, there is Sanrio Puroland. Below is the view of Puteri Harbour.

There is a hotel in this mall area.