Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bali by the Sea [19/09 - 24/09]

Day 1 - 19th Sep 2013 (Thu)

We arrived at Bali new international airport on the day of opening (19th Sep). As can be seen, many of the staffs are getting used to the new operations.
 photo 01_NewAirport_zps41ca5cac.jpg

There were 100% check on the baggage, which delayed the departure by a while. Finally we were out and was greeted by many construction sights around the airport. The taxi counter is located a short walk to the left of our exit gates. And off we go to our hotel.
 photo 02_UnderConstruction_zps09cb1630.jpg

Our first hotel for the night is Puri Kelapa Garden Cottages located in Sanur. We were given a cottage and it looks like the below picture. 
 photo 03_Kalapa_zpsb2e74266.jpg

The room is quite spacious and has good views of the greenery around.  photo 04_KalapaRoom_zps16a6267d.jpg

There is a pool in the hotel premises but we did not have time to use it.
 photo 05_KalapaPool_zpsd219222c.jpg

And off we go to the spa. We had made reservation at 2pm with Aroma Spa Retreat Sanur Bali. The driver came to pick us up from our hotel reception promptly. We went for the post-airport relaxing package which is 4 hours long. There are also meals included.
 photo 06_Spa_zps55dbd1d6.jpg

Here is how the interiors of the spa looks like.
 photo 07_SpaInterior_zps54673d0c.jpg

And us posing with the mirror.
 photo 08_Us_zps6cb27603.jpg

For dinner, we decided to try some simple roadside stalls. After consulting with the spa reception, they recommended this place to us - Warung "Pecenongan Jakarta" - Special Chinese Foods. It is located just directly opposite the Aroma Spa retreat.
 photo 09_Roadside_zps2ca3f918.jpg

For the 3 packets below, it only cost 113,000 IDR (S$12).
 photo 10_Dinner_zps07cf2e6f.jpg

And thereafter it is good night.

Day 2 - 20th Sep (Fri)

We heard from the hotel reception that there is a market a short walk from the hotel. We have to make a left turn after coming out from the hotel, a left turn again to the road, continue walking straight for around 5mins and follow by a right turn and we can see the market. It is called Pasar Sindu.

It is a very large market as can be seen from the picture below and it sells a variety of stuffs. As the market only has short opening hours in the morning, we went there before breakfast.

 photo 11_Market_zps25f0781b.jpg

We bought a few goodies from the market. And it is back to hotel for breakfast.
 photo 12_Breakfast_zpsed2690b2.jpg

Next is it a walk along the beach of Sanur. From the entrance of the hotel, it is a 5mins walk to the right and we will arrive at this round-about below. There is a statue of a guy staring into the sea.  photo 13_BeachWalk_zps0b778bf4.jpg

It is a good and sunny day.
 photo 14_Beach_zps8086ab58.jpg

There are many places for good breakfast / lunch / dinner dining here.
 photo 15_DiningPlace_zps6e802ec7.jpg

There are also plenty of shops catering to tourists.
 photo 16_Shopping_zpsfe328020.jpg

We got back to our hotel and had a short rest. We will be staying at another hotel - Oasis Lagoon Sanur for our second night. This is one of the tallest hotel in Bali - 4 floors up. There is a supermarket just next to the hotel.
 photo 17_NewHotel_zpscb6701b8.jpg

Our rooms were upgraded to a penthouse.
 photo 18_Room_zps9cdfdce0.jpg

Here is the view from the top.
 photo 19_View_zps6fa7a0e8.jpg

Here we are off for lunch. It is at Cafe Smorgas. It is just a short 5 mins walk from the hotel.
 photo 20_Dining_zps81777d24.jpg

It serves very good meal.
 photo 21_Lunch_zps12e0802e.jpg

We proceeded to walk down towards the beach.
 photo 22_Beach_zps27d79f55.jpg

And found Oasis Lagoon beach benches. We took a rest here and enjoy the sea breeze.
 photo 23_Relax_zps05145c72.jpg

We went back to hotel for a short rest. There are cable TV in the hotel. For dinner, we made a turn towards the other direction down Sanur. And stumbled upon a few restaurants and cafe. For dinner, we decided to go for seafood.
 photo 24_Dinner_zps72f02479.jpg

And here is our dinner.
 photo 25_Dinner_zps5c94ca92.jpg

Day 3 - 21st Sep 2013 (Sat)

The next morning is breakfast at the hotel. The photo below shows the chef preparing eggs on fire.
 photo 26_Breakfast_zps7c6eed2a.jpg

The activity plan we have in the morning is Seawalker. The sea is quite bumpy that morning.
 photo 27_Seawalker_zps7a6e1094.jpg

Saturday, September 28, 2013

North Bali [19/09 - 24/09]

Day 3 - 21st Sep 2013 (Sat) - Continued

We rendezvous with our driver at 1pm. And to the north of Bali we go. He dropped us at a local restaurant which has a good view of the surroundings.
 photo 01_Lunch_zps8552c8bb.jpg

The dishes served by the restaurant are really good. The portions are just right.  photo 02_Lunch_zps43c0b7bf.jpg

Our first tourist stop is Ulundanu Temple - the temple by the lake. It is very cooling up here.
 photo 03_LakeTemple_zps4f47faa1.jpg

We took a walk around the perimeters to enjoy the nature.
 photo 04_LakeTemple_zps3d8ae585.jpg

It feels like one of the town by the lake in Europe with its cooling temperature and vast hilly ranges.
 photo 05_LakeTemple_zps263f3db2.jpg

We continued for another 2 hours before arriving at our hotel - Aneka Lovina Villas and Spa. There is a cart which can fetch us from the reception to our cottage.
 photo 06_Hotel_zps10e7883f.jpg

The room is spacious and is very beautifully designed.
 photo 07_Room_zps18a42f0c.jpg

There is a beach at the other end of the villa. We can book dolphin tour from here. And it is also quite cheap.
 photo 08_Beach_zps3295c47b.jpg

For dinner, the driver recommended us Tanjung Alam beach restaurant. It is actually by the beach, but we are not able to see much things as the sun has already set.
 photo 09_Dinner_zps7c5f28c2.jpg

It cost only 70,000 IDR (S$8) for the portions below.
 photo 10_Dinner_zps9b0aa0ae.jpg

Day 4 - 22nd Sep 2013 (Sun)

The 4th day morning adventure is dolphin watching. We hop onto one of the boats below.
 photo 11_Shore_zps49166833.jpg

The calm morning breeze and picturesque scenery.
 photo 12_ToSea_zpsaa21748c.jpg

The sun rise.
 photo 13_Sunrise_zps248b02ed.jpg

There are many boats around chasing dolphins.
 photo 14_Boats_zps55bca527.jpg

The dolphins move very fast. And out of the many photos I have taken, the below is the best.
 photo 15_Dolphin_zps26ff8501.jpg

After the dolphin ride out, we decided to walk back to our hotel. There is a market between the dolphin beach and the hotel.
 photo 16_Market_zpscddcb996.jpg

We had a short rest back in hotel, took breakfast and depart for our next stop at 11am. It is actually a Buddhist Temple in the north area.
 photo 17_Buddha_zps012578b3.jpg

Here are we.
 photo 18_Us_zps3ac99e63.jpg

There is an ancient structure here which they said is similar to Borobudur.
 photo 19_Temple_zps230c165d.jpg

Here is a closer view.
 photo 20_Temple_zpsff34aed4.jpg

It is actually a functioning temple where meditation retreats are held. Below is a stupa.
 photo 21_Stupa_zps572fb39f.jpg

Next before lunch, we decided to take a dip at the famous hot spring in this area. There are 3 categories of hot spring which varies between normal - warm - warmer.
 photo 22_HotSpring_zps935bca8c.jpg

For lunch, we decided to return to Tanjung Alam. At this time, we can see how the beach looks like.
 photo 23_Lunch_zps0a2a5346.jpg

We ordered a lot.
 photo 24_Lunch_zpsca7d4f83.jpg

Our next stop for the day is to explore Gitgit Waterfall. We need to walk around 15mins before we can reach our destination.
 photo 25_Waterfall_zps44b36d4d.jpg

After a long walk, we finally arrived at the majestic Gitgit waterfall.
 photo 26_Waterfall_zpsc62bc771.jpg

Let's take a closer look at the waterfall.
 photo 27_Waterfall_zps5797fd56.jpg

Now we are into our final leg of the journey, to Zen Resort Bali at Seririt.
 photo 28_Journey_zps6b7c82ed.jpg

The zen resort bali is located in a very remote place. Getting there must be by car. At the entrance of the resort, there is a small convenience shop. The rooms are spacious.
 photo 29_ZenBali_zps5e3696c3.jpg

We can also sit outdoors and observe the sunset.
 photo 31_Sofa_zps87c6e81b.jpg

The room is quite well decorated.
 photo 30_Bed_zpse394d2a4.jpg

Day 5 - 23rd Sep 2013 (Mon)

Here is our breakfast view.
 photo 32_View_zpse429e1ad.jpg

And our breakfast area below.
 photo 32_Breakfast_zpse38f5907.jpg

There is quite a nice pool in the villa. We also took a dip as we spent 2 nights here.
 photo 33_Pool_zpsb465e412.jpg

During the second night, there is a performance and we were invited to join in.
 photo 34_Dinner_zps10edaab2.jpg

Here is the performance.
 photo 35_Dance_zpsf225fd24.jpg

And the final group photo.
 photo 36_DanceGroup_zps48958f18.jpg

Final Day - 24th Sep 2013 (Tuesday)

We woke up early during the final day for meditation. Here is how sun rise looks like.
 photo 37_Sunrise_zpsd425821a.jpg

And the teacher guiding us for meditation.
 photo 38_Meditation_zpsc8a4a7e0.jpg