Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lakeside [13/05]

I have been working in the west for about 8 months now. I feel it is a great opportunity to visit some of the sights in this area while I'm still here.

On the Friday evening at 4.30pm, I departed from my office and started walking down Yung Ho Road and it passes by the Sheng Siong Jurong Superbowl area as seen below. There were talks of this area being sold off to other developers, but there has not been any news so far.

There's a food court which serves very good stewed soup, bowling alley, supermarket, gym and several restaurants in this area.

At the end of Yung Ho Road, I turned northwards towards Yuan Ching Road. The apartments in this area have the full lakeside view. There's a very peaceful and beachfront feel to this place. 

As there are construction works going on in Lakeside these few years, some parts of the lake has been closed off. But there are still roads leading from Yuan Ching Road into the gardens. The first garden I dropped by is the Japanese Garden as seen below. 

The lake surrounds the gardens. 

There are many stone bridges and traditional red bridges across the Japanese garden. 

As I approached the north-end of the Japanese garden, there is a long bridge linking to the Chinese garden. 

Before crossing over, I visited the visitors lodge area in the Japanese garden which oversee some good landscaped garden. 

And here we have the Japanese stone garden. 

Making my way across to the Chinese garden, there are several sights here. But the most notable of which is the twin pagoda below. 

As well as the main pagoda with statues of scholars from China.