Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Universal Studio Singapore [23/04]

Today I finally have the chance to visit Universal Studio Singapore. I am having a week transition break. My ticket to the Universal Studio Singapore is sponsored by my dear.

We arrive early in the morning at 9am. And in we go for the rides.

The first ride we took was Transformer. 

It's good to go during the weekday, away from tourist peak period. We were able to get on the rides less than 5mins.

There is a Water World show which we also sit in and watch. It's truly a high budget show. 

We also went for the water ride at Jurassic Park. It is here where we also have our lunch.

The best ride is indeed the Mummy. It is one of those fast-pace roller coaster. But the interiors of the building is dark, so we were not able to see much things.

There are also street performances around the theme park.

We left the park at 6.30pm, just before the park closes. We managed to cover all the rides and attractions in the park. Here is our photo at one of the shops.