Monday, April 08, 2013

Osaka [08/04]

This is a very short trip to Japan, only 3 days long. This time round I am staying in Moriguchi hotel. The view from the hotel is below.

 photo 01_KyobashiView_zps99ad1201.jpg

The breakfast dining area is quite nice.
 photo 02_BreakfastView_zps6cacd6af.jpg

This is the season for Sakura.
 photo 03_Nishisanso_zpsae192a36.jpg

Every morning while going to work, I can see Sakura.
 photo 04_Nishisanso2_zps649faaf9.jpg

After lunch, we walk along rows of Sakura.
 photo 05_Path_zpse4264b86.jpg

This is the view from the top.
 photo 06_Path_zps72c11254.jpg

Let's take a closer look below.
 photo 07_Sakura_zps9125c76a.jpg

One of the day, I made an afternoon trip to Kusatsu. There are also lots of sakura there.
 photo 08_Kusatsu_zps71d1a97f.jpg