Saturday, January 12, 2013

Marina Bay OH Open House [12/01]

FP has been telling me about Open House since 8 years back. I did not have the chance to explore the Open House with him until this time round.

 photo 01_OH_zps1bc168f6.jpg

There are several sights throughout the Shenton road area. photo 02_Tickets_zpsdc6cef01.jpg

The first exhibit is a photography light installation. It shows images from Singapore River.
 photo 03_Painting_zps43e5ab1d.jpg

Here we have our guide explaining to us about it.
 photo 04_Group_zps62bb8775.jpg

Next is a cartoonist who draws on the panels. It relates what we see through the window and the thoughts that go through it presented in cartoons when we look at it.
 photo 05_DBS_Paint_zps2394f7f0.jpg

There is also a pesudo-bookshelf that shows typical office considerations. We are in the DBS Building now, so it relates quite well to that.
 photo 06_Books_zps74578f0d.jpg

While we are wondering through the cafeteria area of DBS Building, the cleaners suddenly broke into dance.
 photo 07_Bangawan_zps1a161252.jpg

Our next stop is the Sail. There is an escalator in the Sail itself.
 photo 08_Sail_zps2fd48de0.jpg

In the sail there is this showcase which gives viewers a feeling that it is pencil-drawed.
 photo 09_Showcase_zps2c8d6b18.jpg

If we take a closer look at it, it is actually string joined models.
 photo 10_Showcase_zpsd968bb5d.jpg

We visited Google, the search engine company. And on the wall is this inscription "The search for happiness is inside".
 photo 11_Google_zpsdf503743.jpg

Finally we proceeded to Deutsche bank and is shown around by one of the bank trader. He mentioned that many banks purchase arts for storage. The value of art increases over time.
 photo 12_Deutsche_zpse1051bc8.jpg

Below is an exhibit part of Deutsche bank reception.
 photo 13_LoveBomb_zps8d0705ff.jpg

Finally, we all proceed to the boardroom and take a seat.
 photo 14_Rest_zps98ba74d4.jpg

In front of us are charred books. One of the books have "12th of September" written on it. It is a reminder on the aftermath of September 11.
 photo 15_BurntBook_zpsd8ecc847.jpg

And a great thank you to both our guides below.
 photo 16_OurGuides_zpsc051a7b0.jpg