Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Nongchan Monastery [06/07]

After visiting the National Palace Museum in the morning, I decided to go along my plan of visiting the 2 Dharma Drum monasteries to the north at Beitou area. They are located at Qiyan station. The 2 monasteries are: Nongchan Monastery (农禅寺) and Yunlai Monastery (云来寺). Yunlai Monastery is more of an administrative building than an actual monastery. I shall share more photos and the route to Nongchan Monastery below. 

It is just a 5-10mins walk (depends on how fast you walk) from Qiyan Station to Nongchan Monastery.

When I arrived at the monastery gate, I'm greeted by the Dharma Drum Bookstore and Cafeteria. 

There is a tropical paradise feel to this place.

It has great views of the mountains beyond. 

And the monastery is also famous for a large still pond in front of the main hall.

The entire compound are carefully designed with a strong zen feel.

While in the monastery, there is a special exhibition showcasing the life of the founding Master Shengyen.