Saturday, August 02, 2014

Milwaukee [27/07 - 02/08]

27th July (Sunday)

I arrived to Milwaukee Amtrak station after a 1hr 45mins ride from Chicago. It actually arrived ahead of schedule by 5mins. From the train station, it is a 5mins walk to Doubletree hotel where I will be staying for the next one week.

Milwaukee downtown is actually quite a hilly place. But the streets are wide and is great for walking. Below is the view of the Doubletree hotel after a 5mins walk.

I check in to my room and here is how it looks like below. They actually gave me a great cookie on arrival.

After putting my things down, I'm out of the hotel in 5mins. In one of my MBA class, we did a case study on Benihana. Since there, I have quite a bit of fascination with Benihana. I read that there is a Benihana restaurant just a 10mins walk from Doubletree. So I walked there just in time to join in a table for dinner.

We have the chef below performing to the guests.

28th July (Monday)
Milwaukee is home to the international headquarters of several fortune 500 companies, they are Johnson Controls, Rockwell Automation, Harley-Davidson and so on. Today I had the opportunity to visit Harley-Davidson. It looks very impressive with the gigantic American flag.

There is a wide range of Harley motorcycles park in front of the buildings.

31st July (Thursday)
There is the Bike Night event at the Harley-Davidson museum every Thursday these few month. At the same time, the museum is also opened till late evening thanks to the Bike Night. I have the opportunity to visit the museum and understanding on the history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

They have a vast collection of motorcycles with many kept in storage.

This is one of the newest release. It is called Live Wire - Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle.

There are several bikes where visitors can have a feel on how sitting on a Harley feels like. Below is me and a Harley.

It is 6.30pm and the Bike Night has started in full swing.

There are possibly more than 400 motorcycles in the whole event.

I also managed to hop on a live Harley and hear the engine roar!! (thanks to much guidance)

1st August (Friday)
Coincidentally during my stay in Milwaukee, there is a one week annual Wisconsin state fair going on. I decided to visit it. The entrance ticket cost US$10. There are lots of animals around and there is a milking demonstration and explanation when I arrived. I decided to join in and observe.

In this fair, there are also many competitions going on.

And not forgetting the shops, beer and food.

Wisconsin is famous for cheese. So I grabbed 2 sets of bread (US$5) from this stall.