Saturday, July 26, 2014

Michigan Troy [20/07 - 26/07]

 20th July (Sunday)

The journey from Chicago to Detroit is an hour long. I was quite surprised when I saw the flight I'm taking is actually a small plane. This is going to be the smallest plane I had sat in so far. The planes I took prior to this flight from Singapore to Tokyo and Tokyo to Chicago are mega-size planes.

From Detroit Metro airport, I hop on a cab to Courtyard Marriot Detroit Troy where I will be staying for the next 6 days.

The hotel is quite well-designed and there is quite a home-coming feel to this place.

It is well-equipped with excellent swimming pool, jacuzi and gym facilities.

Here is how my room looks like. It is quite large.

And the place where I have most of my dinner and morning breakfast. A bistro that has a wide selection of food.

On the first night, I ordered burger with fries. It cost only US$8 but the portions are huge.

The next day morning, I ordered cereals and nuts. The next few days of breakfast is basically a mix between cereals and the full breakfast set of eggs, ham and bread.

25 July (Friday)

On Friday afternoon, I have a few hours where I could visit the nearest Walmart Supercenter. It has the same size as Carrefour back in Singapore. I begin going around with a shopping list on hand.

While walking through the shelves, I stumble upon 'Singapore Street Noodles' which go for around S$3. I grabbed one as I'm quite curious how does US perceive the taste of Singapore noodles. It was until the 2nd August when I finally open the package for breakfast. It has quite a strong garlic and basil taste to it, something which I have never tried in Singapore before. I will call it uniquely Americanize food.

While checking out my goodies, I noticed they have a good plastic bag system where they can rotate through the bags and put the items in. It will be the responsibility of the customer to remove the bags from the rack.

As most of my colleagues have already left Troy, there are a few options for me to get back. Either take a cab, walk back or hop on the bus. I tried calling for a cab but I could not reach them using my Singapore number. Walking back may take around 40mins as it is 5km away. I guess the last option will be by bus. I'm quite pleasantly surprised there is a couple waiting for the bus too. They ask me to wait around 10mins and the bus is here.

I hop on the bus and here is how it looks like. Notice the strings at both side of the windows? Pull that to signal you would like to alight. Secondly, notice the door behind? Most of this back door are manual system. So you will have push to alight.

Here is how the bus and bus stop looks like in Troy.

26th July (Saturday)
On the 26th July morning, I am ready to travel to Detroit Metro airport. Here is my pickup service.